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Le Coeur des Lions Organization

The Heart of Lions contributes to the vitality and well-being of the community by helping various organizations achieve their goals. Lions support these organizations through donations of game tickets, the presence of players, the presence of their mascot, and even through initiatives that take place in the community.



The mission of Le Coeur des Lions is to support and promote the cultural, economic and social development of its community, as well as volunteerism and sports activities.



Accessibility: We strive to offer all community members services, activities and events that are equal, diversified and relevant to them.

Commitment: Aware of the importance of the local community, the Heart of Lions organization wishes to recognize, value and commit to promoting its cultural, economic and social development.

Collaboration: Our actions aim to highlight the importance of teamwork, communication and collaboration between different community stakeholders, such as businesses, local organizations and citizens, in order to maximize the impact we have in the community.

Valuing sport: We recognize the benefits of sport, so it's essential for us to promote its practice by creating opportunities for community members.

Social responsibility: The Heart of Lions organization adheres to ethical and responsible practices, ensuring that our actions have a positive and lasting impact on the community.

All requests must be submitted using the form below, at least eight weeks before the event.

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