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As part of its mandate, Colisée Vidéotron wishes to provide a safe environment for both its customers and its employees. 

They must be protected against the use or possession of dangerous objects prohibited by law as well as by our establishment. 

Please note that the regulations are subject to additions and revisions at any time and without notice. For any questions or comments, please contact our customer service team at 819 519-1634 or info@lions3r.com. 


Your ticket for the event must be presented upon arrival at Colisée Vidéotron in order to gain access to the facilities. It is permitted to leave and be readmitted subsequently, at any time, under certain conditions. It is recommended that you keep your ticket to be readmitted. Any person wishing to be readmitted will have to comply with a new summary search as described below. 


Smoking or vaping is prohibited inside Colisée Vidéotron. Only exterior locations specifically dedicated to this purpose (at the main entrances to the building) may be used. 


Please note that all bags will be searched upon arrival at Colisée Vidéotron. Only personal handbags and bags containing baby items are permitted. Any bag larger than a handbag (e.g. backpack, tote bag, etc.) is prohibited. During certain performances, Colisée Videotron staff reserves the right to carry out a summary search. Spectators who do not cooperate with the required search will be refused entry to the event, without refund. 

Colisée Vidéotron does not have space available to store items. Consequently, any person having in their possession any of the items listed below will be prohibited from accessing Colisée Vidéotron, or who have confiscated objects identified as being dangerous or harmful to spectators and employees. In this case, they will not be recoverable under any circumstances. 


Each spectator must sit in the seat designated by their ticket and present their ticket to any Colisée Vidéotron employee who requests it. Management reserves the right to expel any spectator whose conduct is disrespectful, dangerous or would harm the smooth running of the event, without reimbursement. 


By attending events at the Colisée Vidéotron, you agree to appear in the images and videos captured and used for promotional purposes by the Lions de Trois-Rivières, Deacon Sports&Entertainment as well as their partners. 


It is prohibited to promote, in visual or any other form, as well as any form of solicitation for any product, goods or services in Colisée Vidéotron facilities (building and parking lot) without having first obtained the explicit authorization of the Lions de Trois-Rivières. 


Arrival on site  

If you experience any of the symptoms of COVID-19 or have been in contact with a person diagnosed as carrying this virus, you are asked to refrain from coming to Colisée Vidéotron. 


Hand washing will be mandatory upon entering the venue facilities. Disinfection stations will also be available at various locations on site.  

We're doing our part too.  

The entire Colisée Vidéotron team advocates the use of security measures in each aspect of customer service, with the aim of having a safe environment to welcome you.  

All members of the organization as well as staff undertake to follow and respect each of the recommendations and rules issued by public health. 


Any weapon, bladed weapon, aerosol, capsicum (pepper spray) or others (see next section). 

Banners/flags/signs and any other object that may obstruct the view of spectators. 

Food / beverage / alcohol / cans / glass, plastic bottles or flasks containing liquid (empty bottles or flasks are accepted and can be refilled at one of our water stations) 

Professional camera / audio device / video camera 

It is prohibited to bring a professional camera, with a lens larger than 2.5 inches (6.35 cm) or detachable, to Colisée Vidéotron. Cameras whose criteria respect the size of the lens are authorized. Photos taken using a cell phone are permitted. Please note that in all cases, the use of flash is prohibited. 

It is prohibited to bring drones or any similar device. 

It is prohibited to bring animals (unless an authorized animal such as a guide dog) 

It is prohibited to bring explosives and pyrotechnics. 

It is prohibited to bring laser pointers. 

It is prohibited to bring any other object identified as dangerous or harmful by security personnel. 


Pocket knife, knife, blade or any other bladed weapon, prohibited weapon, blunt object, object considered dangerous or risky will be prohibited inside Colisée Vidéotron. 

Any person in possession of this type of weapon will be prohibited from entering the enclosure, unless they voluntarily dispose of this object in the containers provided for this purpose. 

Weapons and other objects voluntarily placed in the bins provided for this purpose will be destroyed or given to a non-profit organization.