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We are very proud to present, Flammèche, our fiery lion who was born in Saint-Maurice!

Flammèche was inspired by the many pillars that forge our identity, along with the history of our city and its distinct characteristics. Flammèche's fiery mane and flame-shaped tail harken to the Montreal Canadiens and their famous torch tradition, but also to the iconic monument of Sieur de Laviolette - Trois-Rivières' first commanedr _ that is located in the heart of the downtown area. The flame also symbolizes the passion that drives not only the people of Trois-Rivières but drives our players as well, pushing them to excel game upon game. The colour gray that can be seen refer to the metalwork done by blacksmiths of years gone by, wich was, an important part of the history of Mauricie. This is also reflected the heart of the Forges du Saint-Maurice whose inhabitants have a reputation as hardworking and determined and who will stop a nothing.

Since his debut in October 2022, Flammèche has made his presence felt by exhorting our fans to cheer the team on. Detrmined, competitive and unifying, Flammèche is an important part of our team and is always ready to get Colisée Vidéotron rocking!